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One Team - One Investment One Goal


We identify tech companies with high growth opportunities, and then rigorously evaluate their  potential.  ONE makes the cut.


As we only invest in one company, we expend extensive time and resources in the pre-investment  phase.


Our investors understand that the  pre-investment phase is lengthy and resource intensive, as we only seek ONE company that is ready to execute, and deliver on its promise.  


We invest in a strong management team, with extensive knowledge and experience. Then we provide the financial and operational resources to deliver on their full potential.

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100% Commitment 


Entrepreneurs commit 100% of their life, time and resources to turning their vision into reality... shouldn't their investor do the same?

1 FUND believes that realizing a vision requires 100% commitment by both investor and company alike.  

ONE Investment 

Traditional venture capital funds make up to ten investments with attention placed on first-mover advantage. These funds organize around one or two successes, relegating the rest to mediocrity or failure. 

Investment Maximization


Traditional Funds limit the pre-investment due diligence process, preferring to induce resource competition to seek their top performers. Organizational goals are shifted to gain the fund's attention rather than focused on end-game success.

1 FUND's robust evaluation process brings clarity to the selection process, and focuses 1 FUND's investment, utilizing every dollar on progressing ONE Company's performance and success. 

ONE Vision

Entrepreneurs entrust their life to realizing their vision. Great opportunities deserve time and attention to blossom. 1 FUND stands firm on delivering the focused resources to realize on that vision. 

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Team Paddle


Unified & Aligned 


Traditional funds frequently misalign with their intended investment.  Timetables, Revenue & Profit Targets, Board Directives, Fund Performance, and Equity Manipulation are known to drive division and debilitate teams.  

Cohesive & Nimble 

1 FUND's design eliminates these fractious and destructive fund management practices, bringing alignment and focus to the entire team.   The financial investment and operating team function as ONE.


Investor risk is mitigated via nimble cohesive teams rather than investment manipulation.  Shared reward via a well defined unwavering financial structure drive results.

Driven & Focused

With 100% Focus on business execution, 1 FUND assists their team to drive performance without distraction.   

Maximizing Potential

Finally, every great team deserves a great coach, and 1 FUND delivers the experience, resources and support to maximize everyones potential. 


Clear & Transparent


Defined Goals Drive Success.


1 FUND's mission is elimination of the frequent derisions that clutter the focus of many entrepreneurial investments.  With a congruent shared vision, 1 FUND works with the entire team to ensure written, agreed upon goals maintain clarity of purpose.  


Clear Goals drive strategy, and although strategic direction and tactics may shift, the ultimate goal remains static: Realizing on the Opportunity.  

Shared & Attainable

1 FUND believes that Goals need to be attainable, concrete and celebrated when reached, and not a moving carrot or stick to meet the needs of special interests. 

Superior Results

With a shared vision, shared goals, and a shared risk and reward structure, 1 FUND stands with its entire team to deliver superior results where everyone profits.  



Have a Great Opportunity?


If you've got the right opportunity, and 1 FUND sounds like a great match, please contact us at

Intrigued by 1 FUND's Investment Strategy?

Although 1 FUND is a funded private capital group, we welcome investor inquiry  at

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